At Vroomble, we are dedicated to offer you a customised solution for your investments as per your risk return profiles. To get started in investing in India, you’ll get your dedicated Investment expert to assist you in opening a bank account to make remittances and for purchasing investments. Our investment experts will help grow your wealth in India, be it investments in shares, government securities, property, mutual funds, gold, national pension scheme, public provident funds, FCNR account, saving deposits and more. Last but not least, expert will help asset allocation and manage your portfolio in India.

Investments in India for NRIs depends on their willingness of staying India or abroad, repatriability of Indian investments and taxation on investment for NRIs. Your personal investment advisor will assist you on the end to end procedure for investments and review portfolios to check whether they are growing towards your goal. What’s more? You can stay in touch with your dedicated expert anytime to get your portfolio reviewed. So, start planning for your future now!