We at Vroomble make your property our priority! Let’s together make real estate real in your world with Vroomble. We’re committed to assist you for the following property services in India-

Buying or rented property in India
Unsure on buying a property or want to take a rented one in India? Vroomble will connect you with our Real Estate specialist to understand your preference first for the area, budget and local support required like close to kids’ school/ offices/medical institutions or particular amenities. We help you identify the city to move into and shortlist the properties suitable to your preference along with the legal assistance under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)

Selling property in India
Want to sell your property in India and repatriate the money abroad? Seek an advice from your dedicated RE specialist to arrive at a market rate and also set your expectations with property. RE specialist will make any required house repairs and market your home for sale. We’ll identify potential buyers and will connect them with you to finalize the deal. Vroomble will provide end to end support in completing legal documents and formalities along with the repatriation of money involved.

Property Investment in India
Our experienced RE specialists offer you trustworthy and timely assistance with regards to sharing the latest trend of real estate investments, identifying the city and sharing the list of properties available. Once, property is finalised, they will share the appraisal and our legal specialist will also help in completing the formalities and the necessary documentation.